Joesph Campbell taught for nearly 40 years at Sarah Lawrence College. He wrote and edited scores of books and he inspired generations of scholars and artists.

Journalist Bill Moyers distinguished himself at Newsday, NBC, CBS and PBS. His many honors include lifetime achievement Emmy and Peabody Awards.

In Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth With Bill Moyers we have these two men in a stimulating conversation as they create a national sensation when they first aired on public TV. They discuss how myths hold the key to understanding human experience. They may vary superficially from culture to culture, but at their deepest level they all reveal the path to self-fulfillment, social integration and ultimately transcendence.

During their conversation they touch on topics as diverse religions, marriage, the virgin birth and pop culture. It was filmed at George Lucas’s Skywalk Ranch and New York’s American Museum of National History this series fires the imagination and the intellect.

There are 6 episodes which are: The Hero’s Adventure, The Message of the Myth, The First Storytellers, Sacrifice and Blise, Love and the Goddess and Masks of Eternity. There are some bonus features included on this DVD:

  1. Never before-released conversation with Campbell from Bill Moyers’ Journal
  2. Selections from Moyers’ interview with Star Wars creator George Lucas
  3. 12 page viewers guide with profiles of artists influenced by Campbell, an essay on mythology in everyday life, Campbell biography and animal symbolism in myths.
  4. Profiles of Campbell’s influences, episode photo galleries. Bill Moyers biography and excerpts from the film Sukhavali

The total run time on this Boxed DVD 2 volume set runs about 342 minutes and it goes on sale on September 21, 2010. It also does contain some nudity and some violent images. To get your own copy of Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth With Bill Moyers you can click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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