I am fast becoming a fan of the Rare And Unseen series, they offer a unique glimpse into the lives of some of the worlds best musicians.

There are many that feel that post Beatles John Lennon’s was the most successful of the four. I disagree, but clearly John Lennon did leave a legacy, both musically and politically.

Much of the material on the DVD is indeed rare and unseen. There are clips from a David Frost interview that to the best of my knowledge have never being aired since the original British TV live broadcast. In fact for decades it was assumed that these tapes had been wiped. This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to wind the clock back.

Many in the US might not know the name David Frost, well he was the King of the interview world. His signature sign on “Hello, good evening, and welcome” was recognized by every adult in the UK.

John Lennon – Rare And Unseen is actually quite an eye opening adventure. I know this will irk a few people, but I had always viewed John Lennon as a whack job who was married to a nut case. Having watched Rare And Unseen I will temper my views, it does appear that he had the occasional outbreak of sanity.

If you are a Beatles fan this is a DVD that you will want to add to your collection. There are no new music clips, but there is a wealth of vintage footage, and previously unpublished photographs. The total run time is 80 minutes and it is 80 minutes well spent.

As well as the archival footage there are opinions voiced by Phil Collins, Len Goodman and Tony Barrow.

You can order your copy from Amazon by using the link above.

Simon Barrett

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