Final 24 A Dramatization

It is by luck not judgment that I chose today of all days to review this DVD. It was on this day 47 years ago that his father, president John F. Kennedy lost his life. There are few people of my generation that do not remember November 22/1963. What happened in Daley Plaza, Dallas resulted in the death of just one person President Kennedy. This is thousands less than the number that perished in 2001 and the dreaded 9/11, yet, it was equally devastating for the US.

A picture that is almost as famous as the stills taken from the home movie by Abraham Zapruder in Daley Plaza has to be the stark black and white picture of the then three year old John F. Kennedy Jr. saluting his father at the funeral.  The day incidentally was his third birthday.

There are some that view the Kennedy family as a form of royalty, certainly the press have covered the family so closely that I am surprised that we do not have YouTube segments of the Kennedy family deciding what color socks they are going to wear.

The DVD John F. Kennedy Jr. His final Hours takes a very serious look at the life of that small child captured forever in the B&W photo from the funeral.

John Kennedy Jr. did not share his families passion for public office, instead, he decided to view politics from the written word. George magazine was launched.

The hoopla with the launch was amazing. But George was hardly the biting political rag that it might have been

But what happened in July of 1999?

How did John F. Kennedy Jr. lose his life on what seems a routine flight in a small plane?

I will leave that question to be answered by others. But, this DVD gives you some pause for thought.

You can order your copy from Amazon by using the link above.

I also recommend that you look at some of the other DVD’s in this series.

Simon Barrett

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