This is the latest in a series from the same producers, an examination of the final 24 hours leading up to the death of a well known person. In some ways they could be billed as CSI before it happened!

John Belushi was always a larger than life man. He found a home with the SNL Saturday Night Live crew. I might be wrong, but to me it was not so much what John said on the program, rather the way he said it, and the fabulous use of facial expressions that created the humor. This was a man who could create laughter just by his eye movement!

This may seem disrespectful to John Belushi, but I can only name one person on TV today that has that ‘Belushi Look’, Adam Richman who, in the true sense of discovery is reliving The Blues Brothers via his discovery of food (in large quantities). Just look at the pictures on the main page, this is Belushi reinvented! Just look at his eyes!

John Belushi found fun and fame in SNL, but also in the gut bustlingly funny movies, Animal House and The Blues Brothers. This sent John Belushi to the pinnacle of comedy.

His years with SNL had created a bit of a drug habit. It seemed harmless fun, but the recording schedule was brutal, coffee is great as a stimulant, but how many cups can you drink?

Cocaine offered a better solution.

But what happened on that final night?

It might surprise you.

This is a great DVD that has interviews with the people that loved and knew John Belushi. Dan Ackroyd pours his heart out, he was working on Ghostbusters, but he had room for John on the movie.

It is Dan Ackroyd that draws me into this DVD, he reached out to his friend as few would do. It does not take a PhD to see the pain in Dan Ackroyd as he talks about 1982, and the loss of his friend.

John Belushi spent his final hours on a drug binge. Cocaine and Heroin make poor bedfellows, but this did not stop John Belushi.

From star to dust, John Belushi did it.

John Belushi – His Final Hours is one of the most absorbing DVD’s I have watched in quite some time.

You can order your copy from the amazon link above. I also suggest that you sample some of the others in this series.

We have created a partial list of the series.

Simon Barrett

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