Joe Rogan LiveJoe Rogan, best known as the host of the outrageous reality show Fear Factor, also happens to be a damn fine comedian. In his own words he confesses that probably only 10% of his fans know him from standup, and that the other 90% know him only as the host of Fear Factor.

This doesn’t stop Rogan from speaking his mind for 55 minutes in a filmed standup show on a small stage in the Tempe Improv comedy club in Tempe, Arizona. And this doesn’t stop Rogan from being jaw-droppingly, gaspingly hilarious. Like a more honest, more dangerous version of Dane Cook, or a testosterone-addled David Cross, Rogan takes the stage with a manic energy and an incredibly quick (and gloriously offensive) wit.

Rogan addresses the Fear Factor fame quickly in order to clear the air. Covering such topics as the story of Noah’s Ark, the three magic words in the English language, the proliferation of dumb people, and an interesting solution to the war on terror that involves a certain illicit drug, Rogan is not afraid to tackle complicated subjects in an honest, realistic, and bitingly satirical way.

In his novel Self-Reliance, Ralph Waldo Emerson says that “In every work of genius we recognize our own rejected thoughts.” Never is this more applicable than with comedians, and never more than in these 55 minutes with Rogan. As he addresses the vastness of space, the intricacies of relationships, and the gradual realization that there are no “real” grownups, he seems to be speaking the mind of the audience’s collective unconscious, albeit in a more clever and literate way.

Recently Rogan received quite a bit of publicity on youtube for accusing (and, arguably, proving: Youtube video) comedian Carlos Mencia (Comedy Central’s Mind of Mencia) of being a fraud and a joke thief. After witnessing Rogan’s stand up, it’s easy to see why he’s angry: when a comedian like Rogan is performing at the Tempe Improv, and Carlos Mencia has a show on cable, something’s not right.

Like a true professional, Rogan keeps us laughing, but also keeps us prepared to be shocked by the next phrase he’s going to utter or topic he’s going to address. Do yourself a favor and check out Rogan’s new DVD Joe Rogan Live. If you’re not easily offended (a disclaimer posted outside Rogan’s standup), be prepared to laugh out loud for a straight hour. The behind the scenes documentary included on the DVD (Joe Rogan: Beyond Fear) offers a glimpse behind the making of a standup tour, and the making of a man named Joe Rogan. Rogan candidly discusses his estranged father, his relationships, and his Ultimate Fight Championship hosting. Joe Rogan lays it all out on this DVD, and audiences couldn’t be luckier.

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