As I get older I have to admit that Christmas has lost a little of its luster and allure. Jingle Hell is a delightful excursion into the not always happy event when a family gets together.  The humor is delightful.

In some ways the opening credits tell the whole story. Poppa Bear of the clan is Seamus Fitzgerald. He is set on his ways, in his mid sixties, and likes nothing more than his La-z-boy recliner, his TV and his remote.

His wife Peg on the other hand has different  thoughts. Christmas is a great chance to bring the family together. An opportunity to reconnect with grown children, their spouses, and the ‘darling’ Grand children.

Peg has a cunning plan to ensure the compliance of her less than happy husband. Hide the TV and Seamus will be forced to take part in the festivities.

Well I will leave it up to the watchers imagination….

What I really like about Jingle Hell is the awful reality of the story and the wonderful humor that  it is wrapped around it.

Jingle Hell has another story, one that the average person might miss, but is so .

The press release begins:

This holiday season, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and the producers of the independent film “Jingle Hell,” in conjunction with the film’s distributor Janson Media, are teaming up to raise money for kids’ cancer research.

I can not think of a better enterprise than cancer research. But it gets better:

With each purchase of a “Jingle Hell” DVD and Amazon Instant Watch, the producers will donate the entire portion of their profits, which equals 20 percent of overall profits, to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. The film is available for purchase online through Janson Media and Amazon.

Not only is Jingle Hell a fun, and family oriented adventure into the Christmas season, the fact that money is being sent to a great cause should be enough for everyone to click and buy. Make a difference to a sick child. Cancer is an ugly master. I lost a two year old good friend in the mid 90’s. I watched as he slowly lost his battle, I watched as his parents had to maintain their lives and those of their other two children as Phillip lost his battle with a beast that he could not defeat.

Cancer is no fun at any age, but to lose a two year old child is unthinkable.

Buy a copy of Jingle Hell. Give it as a present, if comedy is not your thing. The one great thing is that money is being headed to such a great cause.

Simon Barrett

Simon Barrett

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