This 2 discs DVD set, Jennie – Lady Randolph Churchill (played by Lee Remick) gives us a clear picture what the life of Jennie Jerome was like. Her full adventurous life illustrates the phrase “Behind every great man is a great woman” by showing how much the Victoria women of Lady Randolph’s generation did to encourage possibilities of female politicians.

We start in Paris in 1873 when Jennie Jerome meets British aristocrat Lord Randolph Churchill (played by Ronald Pickup) and marries him at the age of 19, despite objections from both sides of the families. She shows great determination into showing the manners that she develops at the Churchill’s Estate, Blenheim Palace, with her navigation of political aristocracy throughout the series.

In the second episode of this 7 episode set, Lady Randolph Jennie gives birth to her son, Winston Churchill played by Warren Clarke which explains how his worldview was formed through the lens of his strong mother’s eyes. Now that her son was born she was free to return to the whirl of London Life but a feud with the Prince of Wales sends her family to Ireland.

The first two episodes appear to be the Cinderella type stories with a brutally honest Jennie leaving her more superficial or at least conservative, mother and sister, Mrs. Jerome (Helen Horton) and Clara (Linda Liles) behind to follow her ambitions to become a self-proclaimed political wife.

Episode three, Recovery, has Randolph and Jennie return in triumph as his career finally takes off. This is when Jennie meets Count Kinsky who is the man that was destined to become the love of her life.

In episode four, Triumph and Tragedy, Randolph was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer but he abruptly resigns after disputes with Cabinet members and his own health concerns.

A Perfect Darling is episode 5. Jennie meets the handsome George Cornwallis-West. He happens to be the same age as her son Winston but yet she marries him anyway.

In episode 6, His Borrowed Plumes, Jennie sets out to find suitable spouses for both of her sons. She finds herself in dire need for money so she turns to playwrighting too.

A Past and A Future, episode 7, Jennie finds herself with too much time on her hands. At the age of 64 she gets married again to a man even younger than her son.

The entire series was filmed on location in families homes which included Blenheim Palace. It broadcast on PBS in 1975 and received six Emmy nominations. It won one for costume designs. It got four BAFTA nominations including one for best drama series. It did win a Director’s Guild of America Award.

The DVD set streets on June 29, 2010 and has approximately 361 minutes running time. You will receive a bonus of Lee Remick’s biography, the history of Blenheim Palace and cast filmographies.

To get your copy of Jennie: Lady Randolph Churchill click on the Amazon link above. I think you will enjoy it.

Jan Barrett

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