So how much do you know about the long-lived man on the short-lived two dollar bill? The second Vice President and third President of the United States as well as the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. Well, there’s a few memorable things right there. And while you may know a few important facts about this enigmatic American historical figure, the simply titled History documentary Jefferson covers all this and more (much more) over the course of an hour and a half. Through surprisingly un-cheesy reenactment sequences overlaid by well-presented snippets from various eloquent scholars and a requisite narrator, this straightforward documentary jumps quickly from Jefferson’s childhood and college years into his time as a lawyer and then into the world of politics. From Governor of Virginia to Ambassador to France and all the way up to the Presidency, Jefferson’s life story (at least the political part of it) is slowly laid out – with the scholars often pointing out the historical significance of specific details. Monticello, Jefferson’s well-known Virginia estate, also gets plenty of screen time for architectural buffs.

“…kings are the servants, not the proprietors of the people.” – Thomas Jefferson

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: Amateur history buffs looking for insight into Jefferson’s life
Stay Away if: You’d rather watch a more exciting fictional account of Jefferson’s life

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