James May’s 20th Century on DVD is an entertaining and engaging six-part series which was a huge BBC hit. It has made its North American debut in July and is available on Amazon.

James May travels from continent to continent and even goes back in time to learn how the new technologies have revolutionized every aspect of life from medical advances to space travel. With his trademark curiosity, insight and wit, he shows us how we made the world smaller, conquered space, improved our bodies, modernized warfare, built our cities, and created the teenager.

The media remarks include from the London Evening Standard (U.K.) calling it “Infectiously enjoyable” and The Observer (U.K.) says it is “Entertaining and informative”. The Sunday Telegraph (U.K.) has this to say, “A gleeful bombardment of boyish whizz-bangs”

The DVD set, James May’s 20th Century, is a three volume set with 6 episodes. The total running time is approximately 174 minutes with special bonus features including, a 180-minute bonus program of James May’s Big Ideas. You get a 12-page viewer’s guide with a timeline of inventions and articles on the decades of the 20th century, predictions for the century and their outcomes and 100 years of wacky inventions.

James May’s biography is also included. He is better known for his role on the BBC’s international phenomenon, Top Gear. He has presented documentaries on a variety of subjects including James May’s Toy Stories and James May on the Moon.

If this is the kind of entertainment that interests you, then click on the Amazon link above and get your own copy and enjoy!

Jan Barrett

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