The Ultimate Jew
Jackie Mason

This special DVD/CD is a fitting testament to the final series of shows Mason did on Broadway back in 2008 to packed houses. He chats about everything from the plight of being Jewish in the world and the US, to politics and growing old on the stage. This is Mason at the top of his powers, just as funny as always. Its sad that he won’t be doing Broadway again, but what a way to go out.

His humor is not politically correct and its unapologetic, but still damn funny. His rant about the “qualifications” for President is particularly good. My family and I found this a great tour de force, that whether or not you are Jewish, is pretty damn funny. Mason is one of the ole’ and dwindling guard of stand-up comedy. Just him, his gob and a stage… straight ahead comedy.

There are few people who, at any age, can deliver this sort of gig with such aplomb. The back-stage antics are pretty amusing as well. If you are a fan of Jackie Mason seek this out for immediate purchase. If you are fan of biting observational comedy with a Jewish bent, then this is quite essential. 93 minutes, well spent, how often can you say that?

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