Back in ancient Egypt, a young couple ruled the land, and everyone was happy with them. Isis (Priya Rai) and Osiris (Cameron Tevis) were well loved among the Egyptian people with the exception of one. Osiris’s brother, Set, was very jealous of his brother. In order to take over the kingdom, Set arranged to have his brother killed.

Isis was not very happy about her husband being killed. She managed to sneak into Osiris’s tomb and she attempted to use her black magic in order to have him rise from the dead but before she could succeed, she was caught causing Set to order his brother’s body to be cut into pieces and each piece to be buried in different locations all over the land. Isis was determined to avenge Osiris’s death and she vowed to return with him to rule over all the world.

In modern day times, there were six college students anxious to graduate but not until they finished this one last course in archeology. Kyle (Robin Daniel Egan), Dustin (Joshua DuMond), Felicia (Lisa Palenica), Jay Michael Alvarez), Serena (Shellie Ulrich) and Amy (Aria Song) attempt their last assignment along with their teacher, Professor Shields (Randy Oppenheimer) and world-renowned Egyptologist, Dr. Nasir (Seth Gandrud), which is to uncover and document the museum’s new acquisitions.

While at the museum during that night they don’t realize it but they manage to awaken the ancient spirit of Isis’s lost soul and he wrath is unleashed on them as she wants her revenge. The students start to disappear as Isis begins her plan to raise her lover from the dead along with his evil army of the dead so they might get their revenge they have waited for so many years to get.

You can view the trailer for the movie below:

Does anyone get out alive or will Isis and Osiris get their revenge after all those years? Find out by buying this DVD by clicking on the Amazon link above. The DVD, Isis Rising – Curse of the Lady Mummy goes on sale on November 18, 2014, but you can pre-order a copy.

Jan Barrett

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