This 7 DVD extravaganza features the entire of season two (26 episodes) of this groundbreaking TV series that ran with a huge viewer following between 1967 to 1975.

Most TV series date very quickly, and reruns from 30 plus years ago are reserved for ‘Lucile Ball’ and ‘The Honeymooners’, not for their quality, only because of the nostalgia factor.

Ironside was a different beast, it was not ‘slapstick’, it was a drama. What really amazed me was how this series has weathered the test of time. For those of you too young to catch the original broadcasts, Ironside was a weekly drama, the star is chief Ironside (Raymond Burr), although stuck in a wheelchair from a gunshot wound received in the line of duty, this is a policeman you do not want on your heels.

He may not be able to outrun you, but he certainly can out think you.  Set in the late 60’s many of todays forensic science was yet to be invented. But Chief Ironside finds other ways to track down the culprits.

Ironside maybe almost 40 years old, but other than the dress and maybe the hairstyles, this could air today and be a huge TV success. Times may have changed, but murder and robbery have not.

Maybe the most interesting episode concerning abortion. A young lady dies as the result of a trip to a ‘back street abortionist’. This is something that we almost never hear about today, Roe V Wade has made these butchers a specter of the past. There are moves afoot though to change the current laws and once again make abortions illegal. One knows that if they are successful in this quest, we will indeed be seeing the re-emergence of the back street operator. I found this episode to be a very sobering reminder of times gone by.

If you are old (like I am), or you just like really good police drama shows, I can not recommend this DVD series strongly enough. You can try out a trailer from Shout! Factory, and you can purchase it  here.

Simon Barrett

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