What could possibly go wrong when you are out on the town with a couple of buddies from work? Well one wouldn’t expect what happens here. The last thing this man (played by Axel Wedekind) can remember is being out drinking with his friends but then everything is a blank to him. He wakes up in a room all alone and has no ides where he is or how he got there.

The only way out of this room is a huge iron vault door and all that he sees in the room is a locker and a dead rat that is covered with maggots. Looking around he finds a key which opens a cupboard. Inside the cupboard he discovers a blowtorch, some goggles, a chisel and a hammer. Now he has to figure out how to use these tools to get out of this room.

Meanwhile we hear a lot of cursing and a lot of this man being forced to eat maggots and drink his own urine to survive. Slowly he starts deteriorate both physically and emotionally. After failing to get through the door he decides to try cutting through the wall. When he gets through it he finds an African woman (played by Rungano Nyoni) in a similar style room only in hers there is only a coffin. Even though there is a language barrier between the two, they work together to try and find a way out.

The ending of this movie will leave some viewers unsettled and wanting answers about how this man and woman got in these rooms, unless I missed something here. I won’t give away any of the ending but if you are interesting in finding out for yourself, buy the movie and see for yourself. Click on the Amazon icon above to order a copy of Iron Doors – Dying To Get Out.

Jan Barrett

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