Everyone knows Reggae, and everyone can recognize the music style, but few understand the significance of the genre. Reggae hails from the, what we now view as happy island of Jamaica, a vacation haven, laden with rum! That is now, that is not the way it was. Jamaica in the 1970’s was a powder keg, the political situation was at best tenuous, the country was a disaster waiting to happen. The saving grace, the unifying element was music. Most specifically reggae. I know that sounds like a quote from Ripley’s believe it or not, but it is entirely true. One of the people that unified and pacified Jamaica was Bob Marley.

The Deep Roots series of documentaries are very well thought out, and marry the music to the history exactly. Part concert of vintage footage, this makes for both an entertaining and informative look at this powerful music genre.

This DVD contains the final 2 parts of this innovative documentary series. Money In My Pocket explores the political aspect and Ghetto Riddims takes a look at the ‘street corner’ scene. And seemingly there literally is a reggae band on every street corner in Jamaica.

You can order your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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