This 2-disc DVD set, Injustice, was created by Anthony Horowitz debuts on DVD on August 28, 2012. It is filled with tales of murder, conspiracy, secrets and guilt. James Purefoy portrays the lead character, William Travers with a distinguished cast including Dervla Kirwan, Charlie Creed-Miles and Nathaniel Parker.

Injustice is a taut five-part thriller that merges legal drama, police investigation and high-tension suspense in an atmosphere of moral ambiguity. It was broadcast on ITV and DirecTV in 2011.

Travers looks like the picture of a successful man. He is a criminal barrister who fled London murder trials with his wife to the peaceful rural Suffolk. Travers is still suffering from a traumatic series of events that has shaken his belief of the justice system when he is called upon to defend an old friend in a homicide that may be much more than it seems, even as death strikes close to home and he finds himself a target of investigation.

Injustice comes with 5 episodes which are as follows:

Episode 1 – Travers moves to Suffolk with his wife where there is some beautiful countryside but proves to be too much going on for him to enjoy the peace for long.

Episode 2 – As Travers information from a friend that is being accused of murder, he remembers his night with Lucy when she was murdered. Someone is stalking Travers.

Episode 3 – Jane, Travers’s wife, learns why a student writer of hers is put in prison.

Episode 4 – Wenborn bullies one of the suspects about a gun. It is apparent that there is a suicide case.

Episode 5 – The story a journalist tells becomes evidence in a case. The conclusion to this case shows someone has attempted blackmail.

Injustice, is a 2-disc set that runs approximately 223 minutes total. As a caution though, it does contain violence, strong language and disturbing images. It has a photo gallery included as a bonus.

To get your own copy of Injustice you can click on the Amazon link above and pre-order your own copy.

Jan Barrett

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