I am a sucker for all things JFK, I have just published an article about a new DVD Virtual JFK: Vietnam If Kennedy Had Lived. It asks lots of questions, what would have happened of John F. Kennedy had lived? Alas JFK did not, he met his end in Daley plaza, in November of 1963.

That got me thinking about another DVD I have in my collection.

I do not agree with many of the conspiracy theories, but there again I do not agree with the clearly shoddy work of the Warren Commission. They seemed to care less about investigating, than they did closing the case. It should come as no surprise to anyone that JFK had made more than his fair share of enemies. This charming family man was actually a rather hawkish character.

The world was in shock though when in November on a visit to Dallas he was assassinated. I was 8 years old, I was on a different continent, but, this news was important. Even an 8 year old can understand death.

Without doubt the most played video of the JFK assassination is the one made by Abraham Zapruder. We have all seen it many times. But have we really?

I heard a story, and I think the source is reliable. It goes like this… Zapbruder knew that he had something important on his ‘Super 8’ camera. He took the film immediately to Kodak to have it processed. He also asked for two (maybe three) copies be made.

Copying a Super 8, is far different from emailing an MP3, there is always loss of quality in copying an analog source. It was the copies that we have seen countless times in the news and documentaries. The original film resided in a vault for many years.

Technology has changed over the almost 5 decades since the assassination. The Zapruder family agreed to share that all important ‘prime’ copy with a film maker. The entire film was photographed frame by frame. It might sound odd, but this actually enhances the original. They also managed to capture the film between the sprocket holes. This might not sound important, but, data is data.

The tape is only 26 seconds long, and there are two frames that remain a mystery, a road sign gets in the way.

I do not classify myself as a conspiracy theorist, but watching this DVD makes me wonder about the laws of physics. That second shot, the deadly one, throws JFK back, this makes no sense if the shooter was behind.

This fresh look at the Zapruder tape is a must have for any JFK sleuth. You can order your copy by clicking on the cover art above.

Simon Barrett

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