How would you expect one man to feel if suddenly he finds himself surrounded by 6.8 billion sex-crazed women and they all want him? In this DVD, I Am Virgin the guy who is a virgin and wants to save his virginity until he finds the right one to be with to spend his life with finds himself in this position.

The major problem is that the world has been infected by a virus transforming everyone into horny sex-crazed vampires forcing Robby, played by Adam Davis to fight them off of him. With the help of his trusty Basset Hound dog, Billy, he looks for true love in a city filled with vampire vixens who want nothing more than the thrill to satisfy their craving. They use whatever they can to get what they want. They don’t want to take no for an answer. They are ravished by lust and they can’t help themselves.

Even reporters trying to report on what is going on aren’t safe. They are grabbed by naked men as they try reporting in front of the cameras. The virus has been spread worldwide making people crazy.

I Am Virgin is a spoof of I Am Legend, the 2008 science fiction show that starred Will Smith. It was all done in Portland Oregon including the entire project being written, financed and produced there. All the actors in the film are locals from the Pacific Northwest with the exception of one, Ron Jeremy.

“We got Ron Jeremy to come up and do a scene for the movie,” said director Sean Skelding. “He plays an aging vampire complete with fangs. Ron doesn’t have sex in the movie but he says some really funny stuff. Adult film fans will get a kick out f his character.”

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Jan Barrett

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