Who was Hunter S. Thompson? To be honest when I got this DVD I knew very little about the man. After watching Hunter S. Thompson – His Final Hours – Final 24 I learned a lot more than I did before.

Parts of it allowed me to look at some of his life behind closed doors, the part where no one else sees. This DVD covers his early childhood days. He was popular as a teenager. Father died when Hunter was 14 and he took it hard. He started drinking a lot and destroyed a lot of property.

He wrote and published the book “Hell’s Angels” and later on they demanded a portion of the profits and when Hunter refused it they to beat him to a pulp. He also wrote articles for Rolling Stone.

Although Hunter was an author and his use of drugs during his adventures were legendary. He became one of the classics of the 20th Century literature. His lifetime of his abuse of drugs and alcohol took a large toll on Hunter. He had a broken leg, two hip surgeries, and lived with chronic pain. He just couldn’t keep going like this so he chose to end his life by his own doings with one of his favorite possessions, a Smith and Wesson 45. This DVD set explains how Hunter planned the last day of his life.

He invited his family for a get together at his home in Colorado but little did they know this was his way of telling them all good bye. He called his son in and gave him some of his favorite and precious possessions even though his son was surprised to get them. He even told his father he didn’t have to give him these things.

You will learn about the events as they led to the final minutes before his death. At the age of 67 on February 20th, 2005, while on the phone with his wife, Hunter S. Thompson sat at his desk and took his 45 and shot himself in the head leaving her to hear the gun shot and not knowing what had just happened to her husband.

The DVD Hunter S. Thompson – His Final Hours – Final 24 does a spectacular job of explaining what this man went through in his lifetime with the running time on the DVD being 60 minutes.. It shows how the drugs and alcohol controlled this man most of this life. If you would like to buy your own copy of this DVD you can click on the Amazon link above.

We have created a partial list of the series.

Jan Barrett

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