The Guilty Cannot Hide

I have always been a big fan of horror movies especially when they keep you on the edge of your seat. I decided to watch House late at night, while everyone was sleeping, I was using headphones so I didn’t wake anyone. I was really into the movie and did not realize my son had come out of his room and I didn’t see him. When he walked up to me I practically jumped out of my skin. Yes it was during one of the “fun” parts!

Best selling authors Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti transform their supernatural novel into the thrilling film House.

In this movie we have Jack, (played by Reynaldo Rosales) and Stephanie, (played by Heidi Dippold) Singleton, a married couple on their way to see a marriage counselor which Jack is not too keen on talking to. They somehow get sidetracked onto a side road which is supposed to be a short cut to the main highway. Apparently Jack has a heavy foot and the sheriff, played by Michael Madsen, notices him as he passes by him speeding. Luckily the sheriff gets side by side with him as a warning and then goes on ahead of Jack.

As they continue arguing with Jack not paying much attention to the road ahead of him, Stephanie screams as Jack runs over some cones and almost into the sheriff’s car before finally stopping. A truck filled with chickens went off the road and the sheriff is there helping the people. Jack asks the sheriff how to get back to the main highway from there and they go on their way.

old-lady.jpgWhen he gets to the top of the hill Jack stops and tells Stephanie they have to take the first left at the top of the hill. They both look a bit worried but they decide the sheriff wouldn’t have lied to them so they carry on.

Once again Jack isn’t paying attention but when Stephanie screams again Jack slams on the breaks but he hits something in the road causing him to have two punctured tires. They have no choice but to walk to find help since her cell phone has no reception where they are.

They find an old Bed &Breakfast Inn called the Wayside Inn and they hope they can find a phone there. When they go inside they find no one there except for another couple, Randy and Leslie. While the four of them take a look around the staff of the B&B, a sinister woman (played by Leslie Easterbrook) and her homicidal son (played by Bill Mosley) appear and the fun begins. They find themselves haunted by things in their past. The two couples soon learn they never should have entered this house as a masked lunatic has been unleashed upon them with a warning that if they hand over to him one dead body by sunrise he will let them all go.

The series of events to follow will keep you shaking in your seat and in suspense until the very end. The DVD goes on sale on April 7, 2009 and I would recommend buying it. You can go to their web site  and view the trailer.

House can be purchased online at Lionsgate.

Jan Barrett

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