In the beginning four women were released from prison after serving their time for fraud, assault and arson. Hope Springs takes you to Ellie (Alex Kingston), Shoo (Christine Bottomley), Hannah (Sian Reeves) and Josie (Vinette Robinson) as they pull off the perfect scam once they were released from prison on Ellie’s gangster husband, Roy. They landed themselves about 3 million UK pounds stolen from Roy and ended up putting him in jail.

Their plan was to run off to Barbados but that quickly falls apart when a twist of fate leaves them with no passports and they are forced to take a detour to Scotland. They set up in a shabby hotel room in a village in the Scottish Highlands, called Hope Springs which they decide is the perfect hideaway while waiting to receive their new passports. They figure that all they have to do is lay low there and then they can carefully plan their escape.

The girls soon learn that Hope Springs may not be the perfect hideaway after all when they find out that it has bigger secrets and worse crimes including unsolved murders. They find their lives get very complicated thanks to the people there being so nosy and thanks to a shady solicitor, a handsome policeman, and a hit man that Roy has sent to get his money and the girls back.

This DVD set includes 3 discs with 8 episodes that runs approximately 451 minutes and it include the extra feature of a biography of Alex Kingston and a photo gallery. Throughout the DVD we have romance, dramas, comedy, suspense, drama, action and a bit of mystery that will hold your interest from the beginning to the end only to be wishing there were more.

The DVD – Hope Springs goes on sale June 1, 2010 so be sure to reserve your copy by clicking on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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