Springtime FunExpanding on their recent Wintertime compilation, HIT Entertainment is releasing another seasonal collection of their most popular children’s titles. With a focus on springtime and a cast of characters including Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, Kipper, Barney, Thomas and Angeline Ballerina, there’s something here for every young viewer.

Kids will be both entertained and at least slightly educated as they learn about butterflies on Barney when Baby Bop thinks she’s lost her pet caterpillar and Barney teaches the metamorphosis caterpillars undergo to become butterflies. Angelina Ballerina has a similar experience when she discovers a buterfly that has hurt its leg and cares for it.

Additionally, Bob the Builder gets his crew together to perfect Wendy’s garden while she’s out of town and Percy carries a magic carpet in an episode of Thomas and Friends. The episode of Kipper is a little different as Kipper travels to the beach and makes a new friend playing in the ocean.

There’s also a special bonus episode of the new show Fifi and the Flowertots which showcases the humor and creativity of the new show as Stingo the wasp and Fuzzbuzz the bee have a race in Fuzzbuzz’s Big Race. This collection comes at a perfect time for any parents looking to ease their kids into the springtime months after the cold winter.

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: A springtime mix of your kid’s favorite shows
Stay Away if: Your kids prefer only one or two of the shows
Wach for: Stingo the wasp in Fifi and the Flowertots. He’s a great new villain.

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