Emblazoned across the cover is “Banned By The Media”. While that might be a little strong, it is clear that the MSM (Mainstream Media) has definitely played down the story. So whats it all about, I hear you ask? Well the Hillary in the title refers to Hillary Clinton, and the guts of the story revolve around her interactions with lawyer and entrepreneur Peter Paul.

Peter Paul contends that Hillary Clinton is guilty of breaking campaign fund raising laws.

This one-time Clinton supporter and largest donor to her Senate bid says that he paid and organized a huge fund raiser for Hillary Clinton in 2000, in Brentwood, California. Peter Paul, contends that Clinton’s Senate campaign violated the law by not properly reporting nearly $2 million that he says he spent to arrange the event.

Of course the story is somewhat convoluted and murky. Peter Paul has some credibility issues, he is a convicted felon. In the late 70’s he cooled his heels in jail for an $8 million fraud against Cuba, and this card had been played long and hard by the Clinton camp to deflect his allegations.

Hillary Uncensored is an interesting documentary, and regardless of Mr. Paul’s past there does seem to be enough supporting evidence to show that this is more than ‘smoke and mirrors’. Using unique home video of Hillary and Bill, and original documents there is, in my mind, enough evidence that the Clinton camp were guilty of some very dubious things. Video can be edited, comments can be taken out of context, but it is my opinion that that is not the case in Hillary Uncensored. One of the more interesting ‘proofs’ are the obviously personal notes on official letterhead  from Hillary and Bill to Peter Paul, and her public televised denial that she even knew the guy! Something does not smell right about this.

Although their stories and situations are very different, I found some clear parallels between Peter Paul and Kathleen Willey. They both reveal that the Clinton machine is well oiled and great at denial, evasion, and character assassination. Regardless of if you are pro or anti Hillary Clinton this DVD is well worth a look at. If nothing else it is thought provoking. It could be argued that Peter Paul is just being vindictive, and manipulating the facts, but I do not believe that is the case here. There is enough ‘hard’ documented evidence to show that something is amiss with the Clinton brand. Do you want them back in the White House? I suggest that you watch it and make up your own mind.

You can get your own copy from Amazon.

Simon Barrett


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