The dog days of summer are not well known for being the best time of the year to release DVD’s. But once in a while a cute, quirky one makes it to market. High School fits the bill. It is hardly Oscar material but if you are looking for some funny escapism it will work just great.

At the center of the action is high school valedictorian Henry Burke (Matt Bush) who finds himself in a bit of a bind. He is by no means a ‘pot head’, but in a wild moment decided to take a toke or two. Unfortunately his MIT scholarship is in danger when the principal (Michael Chiklis) finds himself embarrassed by a student who is clearly under the influence of Recreational Pharmaceuticals at the state Spelling Bee. His solution…. Every student will be drug tested, and failure of the test will mean instant expulsion!

Matt is in a bind! But being the creative young man that he is, concocts a solution. The principal cannot expel everyone! If everyone fails, teachers included, the obvious conclusion will be that the drug test was faulty! The big question is how to make sure that everyone fails?

As I said, this movie is not Oscar material, but it is an entertaining adventure into the world of the unlikely. If you are looking for something light and slightly off the wall, this film is for you. Stoner movies come and go, Cheech and Chong were the kings of the genre in the 80’s, it is nice to see that the genre is still alive and well.

You can order your copy by using the Amazon link above.

Simon Barrett

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