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Who doesn’t love High School Musical?  I love Ashley Tisdale, that much is for certain.  I don’t like real high school musicals, but I don’t really like musicals that much to begin with.  Nonetheless, this series has become a virtual juggernaut and is all over the place.  People know the songs, they care about a whole new generation of Disney stars and now they actually think high school is cool again!  So now you own all these films and have just finished watching them for the umpteenth time and what can you do with all the Wildcat knowledge stuck in your mind?  Luckily there is a new game for you to spill that wisdom into!

Starting this November 18th, now available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the game about your favorite movie that you can play on your television!  High School Musical – DVD Game is ready to sing and dance it’s way into your living room and take your heart captive with it’s youngster charm.  Bring home loads of fun today with this new type of game!

Drawing upon all three movies worth of information, this game seeks to get players to show their Wildcat intelligence.  All you need to play is a DVD player, a television, a remote for the DVD player and all those wacky cables you need to make everything work.  This DVD included eleven fantastic games – East High Graduation Challenge, Prom Night (which really sounds like more of an adult or AA themed gamed), Wildcats Tryouts, Vocab Test, Art Class, Pep Rally, Career Finder Quiz, Center Stage, Drama Class, Yearbook Memory Game, and BFF’s.

Even though I’ve seen the second movie three times (because I had to review three different DVD releases of it), I knew none of the answers.  I got a couple right thanks to the law of averages, but it was all luck.  Nonetheless, it is a seriously fun game and if there are people in your household who are fans of this series.  The game controls were very easy to use and incredibly intuitive.  That is one of the best features of the DVD because some other DVD games I have played have been difficult and wholly unresponsive, which takes the fun right out of it faster than you would imagine.  My favorite game out of the many offered was the memory card game, because everyone has played it before and I actually won!  This is the best DVD game I’ve seen yet and sure to be loved by those who actually stand a chance to win it.

Bring the fun home with this DVD Game!

This game is rated “E” for everyone.

This DVD game is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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