I’ll be honest with you, when Punk reared it’s ugly head in the latter half of the 1970’s in the UK I was plotting my escape. If punk was the best the Island could offer, I would move on to more fertile grounds.

I watched Britain recede from the window of a 747, me, an 18 month old son,  and a very pregnant wife.

The joke was that for the best part of 2 decades  I didn’t listen to any music at all. I was far too busy living life.

These days I have had had my time to evaluate the music world both now and then. Punk has a seat at the table of real genres. Which brings us to this this very well made documentary Here To Be Heard: The Story Of The Slits.

The Slits were a 4 piece all girl punk band. This was a first in the music world. These gals were truly shocking and as the remaining members explain:

We didn’t know F… all about music, half the time we were playing and singing different songs

Even today the gals have a rich vocabulary, but are amazingly well rounded in knowledge. It is amazing to compare the early work with the later stuff. The ladies did indeed learn how play, sing, and even compose.

Compare this cover:

With some of the early work found in the documentary.

Yes they are very different.

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate punk, this is an important documentary that needs to be watched.



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