Larry Bishop wrote, directed and acted in Hell Ride. Bishop was born in Philidelphia and raised in New Jersey. He started his acting career working in comedy with friends like Rob Reiner and Richard Dreyfuss. He did star in TV sitcoms like “Laverne and Shirley” and I Dream of Jeannie” but he would be better known for his role on wild flicks such as “The Savage Seven”.

Michael Madsen decided he wanted to wear a tuxedo in the movie for his character, The Gent. Insurance officials gave him some grief over it. Madsen explains, “I had a grey tuxedo and the insurance company wouldn’t let me wear it because apparently the material was flammable. They thought that I was going to spontaneously busrt into flames when I was riding the Harley down the road, so my tuxedo idea almost went out the window. But then the wardrobe people made me one that’s not really tuxedo material, just black cloth that’s not flammable. It looks great in the film.”

So what’s Hell Ride all about? A group of vicious bikers brutally killed a woman on July 4, 1969 by cutting her throat and then setting her on fire. She has a son who survived but soon after disappeared carrying a key that went to a safe deposit box that apparently contains something that could be very beneficial to whoever finds the box.

The film then takes us to years later to a couple of rival biker gangs that attack each other looking for trouble and sex and they are at war with each other over the murder of the girl. Apparently the hidden safe deposit box has not been forgotten and there is more than one person looking for it.

We have Larry Bishop as the badass leader of one of the gangs, Pistolero who goes out for revenge when a member of his gang, Victors, is murdered by the other gang The Six-Six-Sixers which is led by Deuce (David Carradine) and Billy Wings (Vinnie Jones). Most of the Victors turn on Pistolero leaving him with The Gent (Michal Madsen) and Comanche (Eric Balfour) and the weapons man Eddie Zero (Dennis Hopper).

David Carradine called his role in the movie as a pretty hot moment, saying that it only cost him one day of his life to do a four minute monologue and he managed to dominate the picture with that one day’s work. He says he was the only guy in the movie that’s wearing a suit saying he looked like one of the Men in Black, or one of the guys in Reservoir Dogs.

This movie is filled with violence, sex and murder. If you like the combination of the three in one movie then I would say it can be for you. It was a bit difficult to follow who was who until the end of the movie but that is part of what held my interest. I found myself trying to figure out the connection these men had with each other because it was obvious that there was something there.

You can pick up your copy of Hell Ride here.

Jan Barrett

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