Drums and more importantly drummers are an intrinsic element in most bands. Their importance is often overshadowed by the lead guitar and the vocalist. Many bands would fail without that guy, or girl banging away in the background.

Heads Up is a DVD entirely devoted to drumming. The artists include: Gregg Bissonette, John Blackwell Jr., Gerald Heyward, C.G. Ryche, Sean McCurley, Louis Santiago Jr, Nathaniel Townsley, Bill Bachman, Christopher Coleman, Andrew Lloyd and Derek Winkley.

Alas the drums on their own, with the noticeable exception of the steel drums do not make for a very satisfactory solo instrument.

Luckily Heads Up does include other instruments and vocalists. Otherwise it might just be voted the most boring album ever made.

I am still unsure why this DVD exists. Yes, they are all fine musicians, but the drums offer such a limited range that drum solo, after drum solo becomes somewhat boring.

You can get your copy of Heads Up from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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