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Who doesn’t like Hannah Montana?  I’m sure that all the pedophiles in our world enjoy the show, much like in Married With Children when Kelly Bundy is on that kid’s show and the male viewership went through the roof.  I didn’t like Billy Ray Cyrus back when he was a real musician and I certainly don’t like him now that he’s whoring out his daughter for a little bit more fame for himself.  Not to mention, Miley Cyrus, still 15, is now dating a 20 year old underwear model.  Is anyone else out there waiting for Jamie Lynn Spears/Bristol Palin moment?  Regardless, there’s a new DVD game out all about everyone’s favorite person named Montana.

Starting this November 18th, now available as a fantastic new DVD game from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the chance for all you to show off your rock star and normal person alter egos.  Hannah Montana – DVD Game is ready to blaze into your living room and do stuff all over the place.  Bring home this DVD game today!

Personally, my favorite Montana of all time is Montana Wildhack, the woman who ends up trapped on Tralfamadore with Billy Pilgrim in the Kurt Vonnegut story.  Nonetheless, there are some people out there who love their Hannah, so this DVD game is a great chance for them to put all that knowledge to the test.  All you need to play is a DVD player, a television, a remote for the DVD player and all those wacky cables you need to make everything work. This DVD contains eleven games – True Friends, Dance Off, Say What, Pop Star, Seeing Stars Memory Game, Band Audition, Hello Drama, Personality Quiz, Keep The Beat, Art Class, and the Hannah Montana Trivia Challenge.

I bombed on every single question in these games.  That doesn’t bother me, it’s far more of a mark of honor.  The games would certainly be fun to play if the very thought of Miley didn’t make me want to make vomit.  The controls are very nice and work well, which is incredibly important when it comes to these sorts of things.  The games are fun, the subject matter is just reprehensible to me.  I won’t judge you kids or you pedos out there who will buy and enjoy this game.

This game is rated E for everyone.

This DVD game is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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