It was in 1991 that Dottie West lost her life, it was to say the least a bizarre set of circumstances, her car had broken down, and a good Samaritan, who was also a neighbor, spotted her on the side of the highway. Dottie West never made it to her destination, alas the ride to the event resulted in a huge crash, and a very dead Country Star.

Greatest Hits was actually filmed in 1984 in Florida’s premiere site for all things Country, The Church Street Station. Dottie was without question a great performer. She has style, she has has panache, she has great stage presence, a fabulous singing voice, oh and she also had that classic 80’s ‘Dallas TV show’ hair style. Who could resist such a combination?

Maybe the  part of this adventure are her guests. Do you remember that great TV series ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’? Well Luke Duke, who is played by Tom Wopat, in real life is a fine guitarist and singer. He plays a short set which is quite splendid. Freddie Weller, who I have to admit I know nothing about, also weighs in with what my wife Jan calls ‘Old Timey Country’. I am not exactly sure what she was talking about, I just liked it!

Great concert, great songs, this is a DVD that should be in everyones collection. You can pick your copy up from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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