Odd really, we are a nation that thrives on war, Iraq, Afghanistan, and who knows where else. You can not turn on the TV without getting assaulted with information that is generally very depressing. Grace Is Gone gets the the heart of modern warfare as viewed through the eyes of one family.

Our obsession with war does not apparently translate into movie ticket sales though. Grace is gone did not score well at the box office, and we now find it on DVD. It may do well on DVD, people can view this movie at their leisure. It is deep and murky, but well worth the effort.

Stanley (John Cusack) and Grace Ann Phillips (Dana Lynne Gihooley) were two happy Americans raising their two young daughters, Heidi, 12 (Shelan O’Keefe) and Dawn, 8 Gracie Bednarczyk). Stanley and Grace were both military people but Stanley was out and a civilian again. When Grace gets the call she has no choice but to leave the family, a tour in Iraq. Leaving Stanley at home to raise the girls alone.

Needless to say, this does not bode well for family life. Stanley is bitter, a bitterness that spills over to the kids. Iraq becomes a taboo subject within the family. The kids are protected from the horrors of war. Overprotective? Maybe.

Pretty much life ends for Stanley when he gets word of his wifes death.

Taking the kids on a road trip may be the easy way out, but is it?

This may not be John Cusack’s finest moment, but he puts in a very solid performance, and one that deserves a whirl on the DVD player.

You can pick up your copy from Amazon. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Simon Barrett


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