I had not realized that this documentary had not made it to DVD till now.

The Church of Scientology (for good reasons) has been a lightning rod since its creation. The religion is the brain child of Sci-Fi author L Ron Hubbard, likely best known for his book Dienetics.

Hell there is nothing wrong with creating things, LL Zamenhoff invented an entire language called Esperanto, the world would never settle on a single ‘primary’ language, but maybe they could agree on a secondary language. It goes without saying that LL Zamenhoff did not achieve his goal but there is an active multi national following of Esperanto speakers. It is thought that there are around 2 million speakers of the language, even I recall a few words. Esperanto was free, it was a gift to the world. It had a rigid structure, but allowing it to grow. New words could easily be incorporated.

So… lets talk about Scientology, as I said it was the invention of L Ron Hubbard. Exact numbers of members are unknown, but a good guesstimate would be less than 50,000. Sure that makes them bigger than the Flat Earthers, but the Flat Earthers are free, they do not try to control you.

Scientology has long been a contentious subject, they claim tax free status, but little of their work is without cost to the recipient. As is explained in Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief members become captives of the cult, to leave means that you are alone, the ‘Church’ has made it so your only friends are cult members, you lost real family and friends the day you joined the cult.

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