“I loved my mother and hated Linda Bishop” Daughter Caitlin Murtagh

This is a truly remarkable film it documents the life and death of Linda Bishop. Linda Bishop was Schizophrenic and Bi-Polar.

The official summary of the movie says:

The body of a homeless woman is found in an abandoned New Hampshire farmhouse. Beside her lies a diary that documents a journey of starvation and the loss of sanity, but told with poignancy, beauty, humor, and spirituality. For nearly four months, Linda Bishop, a prisoner of her own mind, survived on apples and rain water, waiting for God to save her, during one of the coldest winters on record. As her story unfolds from different perspectives, including her own, we learn about our systemic failure to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Her life is told through the eyes of those who knew her best, and the officials involved. Her death is chronicled by Linda herself. She had kept a journal of her last 4 months. The journal is a sad work, it details her living on apples until there were no more. Drinking stream water until the stream froze and she drank melted snow until she was too weak to go outside.

There events took place not decades ago, but in the winter of 2007. The abandoned farmhouse she called home was not in the middle of nowhere, there were neighbors 500 feet away.

Linda Bishop’s story is a sad reflection on our modern world. The lady slipped through the safety net, the professionals either couldn’t or wouldn’t intervene and the family had no idea of the situation.

You can watch the trailer

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