To understand the significance of Glastonbury Fayre you need to have some background. These days everyone thinks that ‘Burning Man’ is the event to attend. Back in the early 70’s you did not need a custom built runway for the private jets, large motor homes to sleep in, and personal chefs.

My parents ran a pub just outside Oxford, they were busy folks, soI would feed them some line of BS about going camping with a friend and his parents for the weekend Oh, I was 14 when I started this, It worked great. I think I was 16 when Glastonbury happened. My favorite and only mode of transport was Thumb Flagging, HitchHiking. I would never do it now, and would strongly dissuade anyone from the practice. But back then it was fine, fellow Hippies would give you a ride, long hair, flared pants and sandels because of the look. Equally ‘straight folks’ would offer you a ride, just to meet a real Hippy!

To take it to the ‘ultra cool’ stage a ‘Thumb Flagger’ should be wearing a t-shirt that smells of weed, carry a guitar case and have a medium sized dog sporting
a colorful neckerchief rather than a collar. Best breeds were Labs, golden labs worked best, Collies were a close second.

I alas was not that cool,long hair, Loons (a style of hippy pants) and a rucksack containing a two man tent (just in case you got lucky with a lady) and a sleeping bag were my limit..

It was delightful to get a sneak peek at Glastonbury Fayre. I shed more than 40 years of wear and tear and got to enjoy once again a fabulous part of my youth.

The sales blurb said this…

Glastonbury Fayre: 1971 The True Spirit Of Glastonbury First ever DVD release of this cult music film / rockumentary that established Glastonbury as the UK’s main festival Shot by acclaimed director, Nic Roeg, Glastonbury Fayre is an enthralling music film of the first Glastonbury festival to have the pyramid stage. Free to all and with a line-up that included Melanie, Terry Reid, Family, Fairport Convention, Traffic, Linda Lewis, Arthur Brown, the true spirit of Glastonbury is there for all to see in this unique film record. Thousands of flower-power children smoke pot, dance naked, roll around in the mud and dance for peace in our time.

Yup it was sure an event! I doubt that I would have let my kids when they were age 16 attend such a disgraceful event, but it sure was fun. No I did not lose my virginity at Glastonbury, but the event did little to restore it!

Try the trailer:

And you can order the DVD from Amazon on the link at the top right.

Beware folks, two of the attendees at this great event were Melanie and Fairport Convention. Both deserve accolades, more soon. Both had a huge impact.


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