Imagine sitting in a car in a rural area of a small town with your boyfriend or girlfriend making out when suddenly you hear loud odd noises. When it gets closer you look back and you spot a huge oversized lizard, bigger than the car you are sitting in. That is what the opening scene in this movie, Gila was! The monster gets the guy and the girl, who happens to be the mayor’s daughter, runs for her life.

We now are at the scene where a couple of hotrods are racing. After one race a young mechanic, Chase Winstead,that loves to race along with his girlfriend Lisa (Madeline Voges) are approached by a guy Chase has known for years, Waco Bob (Jesse Janzen) and his girlfriend Carla (Christina De Rosa). Waco challenges Chase for a race but loses and drives off with a chip on his shoulder.

When his daughter can’t be found Mayor Wheeler (Gerard Pauwels) reports it to the local sheriff (Terence Knox), who then starts to investigate. The other kids in town seem to think that maybe the girl just eloped with her boyfriend but the mayor insists that the sheriff find her. During the investigation they find the couple’s car in the ravine but no sign of the kids. The sheriff finds the girls purse but nothing seems to be missing from it ruling out robbery. There was also blood all over the purse.

Several other calls come in flooding the sheriff’s office from people in the town about strange happenings. Chase offers his help in the investigations and when he was off to tow one of the cars he spots the huge monster in his rear view mirror. He accidentally finds the Mayor’s daughter alive but unconscious and gets her to a hospital.

He reports it to the sheriff who finds this hard to believe until he actually sees the Gila for himself. They figure out that the giant lizard was living inside a cave where they find someone has been storing toxic waste secretly.

When the Gila shows up, they run out the cave and shoot at the tubes of nitroglycerin that they placed by the entrance of the cave to blow the opening up trapping the Gila inside. Thinking they have the problem solved they go on with a celebration in town with the local townspeople.

Word gets out that the monster lizard is still alive and wondering around, only this time word is that it is heading for the home where Chase lives with his Mom and little sister. All stick together as they fight to prevent the lizard from killing anyone else.

Do they finally kill the Gila! Or does it live on? I guess you will have to watch the movie to find out. I can’t give it all away. To help give you an idea of what these people were fighting you can watch the trailer for Gila! below.

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Jan Barrett

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