In this Final 24 series we learn more about the last final 24 hours of the life of Gianni Versace’s life. Danny Wallace narrates this documentary for us. It gives us a look at the dark and tragic end of Versace’s life, piecing together his final day of life before he was brutally murdered at his home in Miami, Florida.

Gianni Versace was the most famous fashion designer in the world. All the famous movie stars loved wearing his designs, feeling they really helped their careers.

In July of 1997 Versace went outside to pick up his newspapers and magazines. Little did he know that a guy that was labelled as a desperate loser turned into a serial killer had travelled 2000 miles to destroy him.

Andrew Cunanan was apparently obsessed with Versace and had been carrying a 7 year grudge that made him wanting to kill him. Cunanan had only met Versace once and that was only briefly.

Cunanan was a homosexual that was born in 1969. He grew up in San Francisco and after his father left him and his mother he started a different lifestyle. When his boyfriend walked out of his life Cunanan was grief stricken. He ends up going on a killing spree killing a man and even his ex-boyfriend when he suspected the two of having an affair. Then he kills a man to steal the man’s car and drives to New Jersey where he ditches the car and kills another man to steal his truck so he could drive to Miami.

Cunanan went to Versace’s mansion in Miami and followed him as he was heading back inside the gates leading to the door in his home. He shot Gianni Versace two times killing him on his front steps before the gates.

It was indeed a sad day. I remember when it happened and it shocked me. Through interviews with Versace’s intimates combined with archive and dramatic reconstruction, Versace’s last day is mapped out and the last dramatic events that led to his untimely death are replayed. If you would like to learn more about Versace’s last 24 hours alive, then you can buy Gianni Versace – Final 24: His Final Hours by clicking on the Amazon link above.

We have created a partial list of the series.

Jan Barrett

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