Martin Shaw returns as Inspector George Gently, a grizzled London detective and grieving widower who finds new life and new purpose in Britain’s windswept Northumberland. Set in the mid 1960’s, the area has just begun to feel the ripples of social and cultural change rocking the rest of the world. Gently brings big-city smarts and unflappable judgment to his job. Team with brash young sergeant John Bacchus (Lee Ingleby), he uncovers motives for murder in a once-tranquil place during a time of transition.

In this Blu-ray Disc set, the two detectives delve into a family’s dark secrets and a university’s chaotic campus. The splendid casts include Daniel Casey, Ruth McCabe, Sarah Lancashire and Warren Clarke.

George Gently, Series 3 on Blu-ray comes with 2 discs and two feature length mysteries:

Disc 1 – Gently Evil

Gently and Bacchus are called to a crime scene at a working class boarding house. They find that a woman had been beaten to death with her eyes covered discreetly with a handkerchief. The woman had her daughter’s birth certificate with the child’s father crossed out and the name “Satan” put in its place. Seeing this as a lead, the detective’s search for twisted secrets of a family that seems to harbor pure evil.

Disc 2 – Peace and Love

Young peace protesters from Durham University clash with the police when nuclear submarines plan to dock at the local naval base. The next morning the fiery leader of the group of demonstrators, faculty member, Fraser Barrett is found dead at the dockside. Gently and Bacchus, head to the University campus to investigate. Big changes are blown into the wind and the social, political and sexual tumult brings little peace

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Jan Barrett

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