George Gently Series 2 is a continuation of the role played by Martin Shaw as Inspector George Gently, the former Scotland Yard sleuth who is now tracking murderers in the Northern Country of Britain.

In this series George and his impulsive young protégé, Sergeant John Bacchus (played by Lee Ingleby) confronts sex-clubs entrepreneurs, corrupt politicians, gangs and lots more. We have a cast including, Tim McInnerny, Nicholas Jones, Mark Williams and Andrew Lee Potts. This set has feature length modern dramas teem with intrigue, wit and style all on 4 discs with approximately 356 running time.

First we have Gently with the Innocents, where Real estate developer Cora Davidson shows up at the new property she just purchased and finds the one that sold it to her murdered in the back yard. Gently and Bacchus investigate leading them to think the mute garner as a suspect but they later learn that the house Cora bought seems to have a sordid history.

Second there is Gently In The Night we have a beautiful young woman that is found brutally murdered on the altar of a Newcastle church. Once Gently starts digging into the woman’s past he finds she has a connection to Rake’s which is a swinging gentleman’s club that seems to have become a target for religious protesters.

Next we have Gently in the Blood. The theft of expired passports and the murder of a female clerk bring out the potentially explosive ethnic hatred in a small seaside town. The boyfriend of the young woman that was found murdered has a boyfriend that faces off a gang of Arab toughs and Gently and Bacchus get caught up in the middle of it.

Finally we have Gently Through The Mill. Patrick Fuller, the manager of the mill is found hanging from the rafters where he works. The question of this mystery is did he actually commit suicide or was her murdered. When Gently and Bacchus start investigating they discover adultery, embezzlement and a connection to a secret society.

We also have as a bonus in George Gently Series 2 there are text interviews, production notes and some historical facts.

I think anyone would enjoy this series of mysteries. If you are interested just click on the Amazon icon above to order your own copy and enjoy!

Jan Barrett

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