genesis1.jpgWho are Genesis? My lovely wife asked. They are prog rockers I explained. She just gave me ‘The Look’. That’s the look she reserves for anything that isn’t country.

Genesis are a great band, and have been around for 40 years, formed in 1967 they moved rapidly from Pop to being labeled as Prog Rock. In my mind they were never part of Prog Rock, but they didn’t seem to fit anywhere else. Pretty much the deal was, if you use an electronic keyboard, you are a prog rocker.

I saw the press release for When In Rome, and something told me I needed to watch it. I was not disappointed, these guys know how to put on a show. The shows were filmed in 2007, I have no idea how many people attended these outdoor events, but even when the cameras pan back, there are people everywhere.

The music is spectacular, Phil Collins on vocals is always a delight, but the other members of the band deserve a mention. Tony Banks is likely the reason that Genesis got the prog rock label. He has moved on from the days of using an electric piano, he now has what seems to have a stable of Korg products. And he has them superbly mastered.

Mike Rutherford is a guy that doesn’t like to change Guitars mid session, so he uses one with two necks. It is quite the weapon. Chester Thompson handles the drums, and Daryl Stuermer is on the bass guitar.

This is a great band, and they know how to put on a show. One of the aspects that I really liked was the stage setup. I have never seen so many LCD panels in my life. This has to be the ultimate in stage shows. I was memorized just by the back drop.

What I didn’t know was just how good a drummer Phil Collins is, and when he goes head to head with Chester Thompson we witness quite the event.

It has been quite some time since I have heard Genesis, and I have to draw parallels with the band Yes, they are two peas from the same pod. Highly technical music executed with a high level of precision. Great examples are Turn It On Again, Land Of Confusion, and Carpet Crawlers.

Even though it is not country, my wife Jan gives this one a big thumbs up!

You can get your own copy of this outstanding set from WalMart.

Simon Barrett

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