This award winning British political miniseries will now be available on DVD starting February 23, 2010. It is a political thriller starring Michael Palin and Robert Lindsay. This DVD set comes with 4 volumes which includes 7 feature length episodes.

GBH is a timeless satire about power, corruption and madness during the turbulent Margaret Thatcher years, It has been nominated for nine BAFTA awards including Best Drama Serial. This British satire follows the epic power struggle between an unassuming schoolteacher and a corrupt, ambitious politician.

We begin the series with a politician calling for a strike only to have the headmaster of a local school inadvertently sabotaging the strike. Soon the men are caught up in a power struggle of epic proportions.

Robert Lindsay is brilliant as he plays the role of the corrupt egomaniacal Labor party leader, Michael Murray. Michael Palin does an excellent job as he portrays the principled, mild mannered Jim Nelson. The two men seem to have become permanent enemies and as their conflict escalates so do the risks.

Nelson seems to suffer from some debilitating anxiety attacks. Murray is hiding his tormented past and when a beautiful woman arrives, played by Lindsay Duncan, it only complicates matters more for them.

This richly woven British satire skewers its Thatcher-era setting. While its veering from drama to farce, it is a darkly humorous tale of good verses evil, the progress of madness and the ultimate cost of revenge.

This miniseries aired on the UK’s Channel 4 in 1991 and it does contain nudity and some graphic scenes. You can get your copy of G.B.H. by clicking on the icon at the top of this page. I hope you enjoy it.

Jan Barrett

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