I have always been one interested in courtroom drama, especially on cases that have actually happened. I remember being glued to the TV when Court TV aired the O J Simpson trial. I don’t think I missed a day of that. Today’s courts have changed a lot and in this DVD Garrow’s Law Series 1 you will see what I mean.

It takes us into the courtroom in the 18th century England. The series features the true tales of William Garrow, played by Andrew Buchan. Garrow is a passionate young lawyer that is fed up with the corruption of London’s Old Bailey. He is an advocate for the accused as he paves his way for our modern day legal system.

He seems to get the attention of the beautiful Lady Sarah, played by Lindsey Marshal, who is married to MP Sir Arthur Hill, played by Rupert Graves. Sir Arthur starts to see Garrow as a threat to the law but more importantly he also sees him as a threat to his marriage with Lady Sarah.

Garrow doesn’t back down to ruthless bounty hunters, callous judges or smug solicitors. Some of the cases he takes on don’t make him very popular but he doesn’t let it stop him. He defends a man charged with raping his maid. He takes a case of a murdered prostitute and even a case involving treason to name a few.

Cases in this DVD are cases actually drawn off the Old Bailey court records. Garrow clearly argues his cases, he rails against outdated legal practices and he proves to the world that one man can change everything if he wants to.

There is a great cast in Garrow’s Law, Series 1 including Alun Armstrong, Michael Culkin, and Aidan McArdle. This DVD set comes with 2 discs and it includes 4 different episodes. The air time runs approximately 240 minutes and has bonus features of behind the scenes featurette, cast filmographies, a photo gallery and the biography of William Garrow. It aired on BBC in 2009 and is now available in the US for the first time which goes on sale on February 1, 2100 on DVD.

To get your copy of Garrow’s Law, Series 1 for viewing in the comforts of home just click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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