If you go to any live rock music concert, watch what the guitarists feet do. Chances are they have a little box on the floor with a few buttons on it, and while they are playing you will see them tap the buttons from time to time. Well folks, that is a Fuzz box. Ok, so what does it do? I hear you ask. That is where it gets more complicated, the Fuzz can do just about anything “There are no rules” one manufacturer informs us.

The DVD Fuzz explores this little gizmo both from the manufacturers standpoint, and the musicians that use it. While there are ‘big players’ in the manufacturing world, most of the units seem to come from relatively small operations, designer, builder, and sales force, is all the same guy!

Filmmaker Clif Taylor explores what can only be described as a bizarre industry. What is inside the little box varies from just a few simple transistors that will modify the sound, to hugely complex units that have built-in loop back, echo, reverb, wah wah, and who knows what else!

From the back yard tinkerer to the mainstream manufacturer, everyone has their own unique idea on what a Fuzz box should do.

The musicians that use them also have clear favorites, and Clif manages to interview an absolute pantheon of musicians on the subject, ZZ Tops Billy F. Gibbons explains his choice, as do the likes of Peter Frampton, Jon Spenser, Wolfmother, and Mike Matthews.

You can get your copy of Fuzz – The Sound That Revolutionized The World is available from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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