Funky ValleyAmidst a world of highly texturized animations and bright colors, a hodge podge group of quirky farm animals wander through their days experiencing various and sundry adventures for the excitement of preschoolers everywhere. Originally aired in the UK in May of 2004, Funky Valley is finally making its way to DVD almost four years later (April 22, 2008) with this first collection of 13 episodes.

Narrated with lovable charm by Mark Williams, each five-minute episode of Funky Valley features a different storyline and a jovial display of animation. Whether Horatio the Hungry Horse is racing Shelly the Tortoise or Fergus the Fox falls in the well, there’s always something going on in Funky Valley. As the understood leader of the pack, Hoot the owl gives harebrained instructions and advice to help the group solve their problems, though often his suggestions cause more harm than good.

Funky Valley is more than just a display of loud colors and funny voices, as the producers make sure that there is plenty of engaging content for youngsters to enjoy. But it’s really the innovative animation style that gives the series its biggest boost of originality and style. Watching the colorful characters tumble around on screen is almost like a children’s pop-up book come to life. Each creation is unique and Mark Williams provides each with their own individual voice. Overall, this is the kind of series that is sure to live on in the hearts and minds of any kids that watch it.

Zach’s Rating: A-
Perfect For: Your toddler that needs a mix of absurd and entertaining
Stay Away if: Your looking for a dinosaur named Barney or a Builder named Bob
Watch For: The baby crocodile animation

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