I am married to a British man and I can honestly say there is never a dull moment around here. His British sense of humor will keep you laughing throughout the day. That is one reason I think I could relate to this DVD set, Fresh Fields Set1. This could be my husband and I only with reversed roles.

Here we find a mid-life couple that have been married at least 20 years and have raised two children, Hester and William Fields (Julia McKenzie and Anton Rodgers). William is an accountant that keeps him pretty satisfied but Hester on the other hand is always ready to try something new.

Hester doesn’t seem to know what it is in life that she wants but she is willing to try anything including, painting, jogging, cooking, pottery and she even tries her hand in fencing. However even though William feels for no sudden change in his lifestyle somehow Hester always seems to manage to drag him into some of her adventures.

Poor William never knows what he will be facing after a day at the office once he returns home. Hester seems to find something new everyday and as I said about my own home life, there never seems to be a dill moment for the Fields either.

The episodes in this DVD set will keep you in stitches. The 12 included here are Dish of the Day; Middle-Aged Dread; Hook Line and Sinker; The Naked Truth; Des Det Res; Something In The Oven; A Night To Remember; A Brief Encounter; Alright on the Night; In The Spring; Business Contacts; and Get Me to the Church.

The episodes cover Hester’s cooking skills, her attempting a career at a boutique, fishing with her husband, and even has Hester’s fencing teacher possibly showing some interest in her that William might not be so comfortable with.

Total running time for all 12 episodes is about 294 minutes. It includes Series 1 and 2 of the British sitcom which ran on PBS continually since the 1980’s.  Fresh Fields Set 1 comes with two discs. The Los Angeles Times says it is “Full of sly, sharp warm humor”

Fresh Fields, Set 1 goes on sale on DVD on February 22, 2011. If you would like your own copy, just click on the Amazon link above to pre-order it.

Jan Barrett

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