In French Fields – Complete Collection we see where accountant William Fields (Anton Rodgers) is ready for a change in his life. He is tired of his daily commute to work and clients that don’t want to pay their bills. Since his wife, Hester (Julia McKenzie) is always up for a challenge, William talks about a job offer in France. They both decide to give it a try even if it does mean moving across the Channel. Telling their daughter and son-in-law about their decision is not going to be fun though.

How will the Fields handle living in France but better yet how will the French people take the Fields living there? The Fields dust off their phrase books, pluck up their courage and soon discover there is a lot more than the Channel separating the English from France.

This DVD set, French Fields – Complete Collection includes all three series from this warm and witty Britcom with 19 total episodes:

Disc 1 (Series 1)
Episode 1 – One Channel Vision
Episode 2 – William the Conquered
Episode 3 – Moving Experience
Episode 4 – Ou Est La Plumber de Ma Tante?
Episode 5 – Who’s Been Eating My Porridge?
Episode 6 – Le Week-End

Disc 2 (Series 2)

Episode 1 – One Long Leggedy Beasties and Things That Go Bump In The Night
Episode 2 – Inside Story
Episode 3 – Sheep May Safely Graze
Episode 4 – Home and Away
Episode 5 – Safe or Return
Episode 6 – Double or Quit
Episode 7 – Noel, Noel

Disc 3 – Series 3)

Episode 1 – French With Tears
Episode 2 – The Merry, Merry Pipes
Episode 3 – Make For The Hills!
Episode 4 – Surprise, Surprise
Episode 5 – Darling Daughters
Episode 6 – Hail & Farewell

As seen on PBS, this Britcom is the sequel to the International Emmy winning Fresh Fields. If you enjoy the British humor then you would probably enjoy this set, French Fields – Complete Collection. If you want to order a copy, just click on the Amazon icon!

Jan Barrett

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