Michael Kitchen returns as Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Foyle in this three-episode encore of this enormously popular award-winning mystery series where one man fights his own battle against everyday evil in extraordinarily dangerous times.

Inspector Foyle is a police investigator in the British coastal community of Hastings. During the aftermath of World War II , Foyle finds the retirement he has looked forward to for so long, interrupted by cases involving international intrigue, military racism and an accused traitor all too willing to go to the gallows. We also have starring Honeysuckle Weeks, and Anthony Powell. It features Max Brown, Christopher Good, Tim Pigott-Smith, Charlotte Riley, Sam Spruell, Andrew Scott, David Yelland and Anastasia Hille.

We have three mysteries in this three DVD set.

The Russian House in set in June 1945. While tracking an escaped Russian POW Foyle becomes involved in a murder investigation led by his former subordinate, DI Paul Milner. The investigation puts threatens their already strained relationship and to make matters worse it threatens Foyle’s life as well.

In Killing Time which is placed in July 1945, there are African American GI’s waiting to return Stateside, racial tension is growing higher at the army base in Hastings especially when a black American serviceman becomes romantically involved with a local white woman. Foyle finds himself puzzled when a series of nighttime holdups becomes a great concern for the town.

The Hide is set in August 1945. Foyle is on the case of the mysterious motive of James Devereaux, a former POW that refuses to defend himself when he is charged with treason. While that is going on DI Milner is involved with the investigation of the murder of a young woman rooming with the Devereaux family’s housekeeper.

Foyle’s War Set 6 goes on sale on June 1, 2010. The running time for this DVD set is approximately 300 minutes in total.

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Jan Barrett

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