I was born and raised in England, and have had the opportunity to see most of Europe. Many people in North America have not. As opposed to some folks that have made the trek to this side of the ‘pond’ I hold no grudges. And after 30 years of being in North America, why would I?

Many people that I talk with have a hankering of exploring Europe, and I do encourage them to do so. The world is a wonderful place, it does need to be understood. Culture and Architecture are what define our world. Maybe Art, maybe even Music have a role to play in determining who we are, and where we came from. One only needs to go to a Chinese, Indian, or Mc-Restaurant to discover the rich diversity that we have in the world of music, cuisine, architecture, and diversity.

While many of us can not travel physically to far flung places, we can travel vicariously. Two boxed sets hit my radar. Acorn is without question my favorite source for all things Brit on the US side of the pond.

These two new releases of boxed sets Visions Of Britain & Ireland (4 DVD’s) and Visions Of Europe (6 DVD’s) are ideal for the armchair traveler. If you are planning a European trip both sets are must have items to assist in the planning. The photography is stunning, and even though I am well traveled in this part of the world found much of interest.

Simon Barrett

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