‘The entire performance will numb your mind’, the intro to the DVD informs us. I think they may be right!

Flipper was a Punk band out of San Fransisco, they formed in 1978, and the world has been suffering ever since. Most Punk bands go for speed of execution, rapid rhythms often played off key and off beat. Flipper took this to new lows, off rhythm, off key, and played really slowly. This way you can get a real appreciation on their lack of musical ability.

The band consisted of Will Shatter, Bruce Loose, Ted Falconi, and Steve De Pace. I normally try to match up the members with their functions, but in the case of Flipper it is not clear that any of the members can actually play any instruments.

They have a rich history of being hostile to their audiences, and the audiences reacting accordingly.

This is a pretty amusing DVD, I am not sure that I would actually buy it, but it is well worth a look. Particularly if you are having a bad day!

The lack of musical talent is eclipsed only by the the absolutely tone deaf vocals. This is a classic. Not even the biggest advocate of the Punk genre could like this! For those of you that are fans of Douglas Adams and his wonderful Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy series of books, Flipper is worse than Vogon poetry.

As a party piece this DVD is a must have, and you can get your own from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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