The Complete 1958-1959 Series

“You’ll laugh so much your sides will ache,
your heart will go pitter-pat,
watching Felix the Wonderful Cat!”

While the theme song may be a bit of an exaggeration, those who remember watching the color episodes of Felix the Cat in their heyday will rejoice at the opportunity to catch him at his rascally antics again in this new 2-disc set featuring all 31 episodes produced between 1958 and 1959 series. Aside from the quality of the cartoons, the physical set itself is something to admire. Featuring a hardbound case with classic gold typeface, this Felix edition spruces up any DVD collection.

Watching the Professor repeatedly set out to strip Felix of his magical “bag of tricks” or work with his partner in crime, Rock Bottom the dog, on a new get-rich-quick scheme remains surprisingly entertaining as Felix’s bag of tricks transforms into a submarine, a telephone, an escalator, and a bevy of other helpful devices. Eventually, it seems Felix and the Professor reach an understanding, as Felix begins to babysit the Professor’s genius nephew Poindexter. Though only appearing in a few episodes, Poindexter offers a few good laughs and some good space-travelling plotlines to the mix.

Though the animations themselves are clearly outdated compared to what modern animators can produce with current technology, the simple seven-minute story lines are still addictingly enjoyable. Often backgrounds and sequences are reused or repeated in order to save time and money, but even these repetitions don’t detract from the pleasure of seeing a classic in action. And, as anyone over the age of 10 knows, Felix is just that: a classic. “With Mickey Mouse [Felix is] one of the great cartoon characters of all time,” says Animation Historian John Canemaker in a brief interview included in the DVD set, “And he’ll go on forever.” Here’s hoping.

Zach’s Rating: B+
Baby Boomer’s rating: A-
Current kid’s rating: B-

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