Oh my goodness, I don’t even know where to start with reviewing this diatribe of rubbish!  I can only assume that film maker Joel Gilbert’s next project will star Warren Jeffs expounding on the joys of polygamy.  With a running time of 145 minutes this documentary is about 144 minutes too long!

I disagree with most of the assumptions made in this highly slanted movie. For example I do not think that veiled women who are very much treated as ‘second class’ citizens enjoy the degradation. My wife is free is do what she wants, she can dress the way she wants to dress, she walks by my side rather that 10 paces behind, and she has just as many rights as I do (I don’t have many, she keeps me on a tight leash)!

I have no idea how much Joel Gilbert got paid to create this waste of time, but it likely was substantial, on a scale of 1 to 10, I score this at several minus several million points.

In the very unlikely event that you would want to subject yourself, or your friends and family to this torture, you can get it here. Joel Gilbert does have a directing and production style that is outstanding, he has qualities lacking in many other film makers, one can only hope that he channels his talents in new directions.

Farewell Israel goes on my garbage pile!

Simon Barrett


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