Last night I decided to sit down and watch a movie that looked like it would be a bit different from what I usually watch. I was looking for a change. I found in our stack of DVD’s a movie called “Family”

The movie starts out with an escaped prisoner running for her life. She calls everyone, even her own mother for help but no one seems to care about her which leaves her quite frustrated. She has no choice but to rob people to get her hands on money.

One day, Jean, played by Renee Humphrey, runs into Eldon (Boyd Kestner), who is an ex-cop who is traveling with who Eldon claims to be his son Cole (Tanner Richie). Eldon picks Jean up giving her a ride claiming he is just going where the roads take him. Since she has no particular place in mind to go, this seems like the perfect ride for her.

As the ride goes along, Jean finally figures out the mystery in her traveling companion and soon finds herself facing a major decision. She needs to decide if she should stick around for this little boy that really needs her help and risk going back to prison or should she take off and leave them.

Over the next three days secrets seem to come out for all those involved. The question remains though for Jean with what deep in her heart she knows what the right answer is.

This movie is not exactly filled with top notch action but if you think you would like this type of movie you can click on the Amazon icon above and get your own copy.

Jan Barrett

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